Why Sellers Sell Low, According to REIA President

Two Big Questions – Why Sellers Sell Low and Why Aquestor?

ONE ANSWER – Motivation…

I just received my monthly REIA newsletter from CFRI, Central Florida Realty Investors. The first article I came across was the President’s Corner by Todd Hutcheson. I’ve known and respected Todd for most of the twenty plus years I’ve been in business. His article entitled “Why Do Sellers Sell So Cheap” pinpointed everything we, at Aquestor, formerly irsfl.com Information Resource Service of Fl, have been preaching for years. To quote another well respected investor, mentor, Charles Fischer“ you need Motivated sellers, not motivated properties.”
That’s what we do. We list the Off-Market Real Estate leads with all the details you need to make an informed decision regarding available properties and then we give you the tools to help market to the those sellers. Specific, direct marketing. No guessing.
The article points to the reasons (Motivation) why homeowners sell for less than market value. A lot less.
To paraphrase, Divorce, Debt Relief, Quick Flip, Do not Want to Deal with Rehab or Realtors, or emotional taxed due to the loss of a loved one. Landlords over their tenants and leaking toilets, Tenants over their landlords moving out after 10 long years, leaving the owner to search for a good tenant. MOTIVATION.
Another article, same newsletter, the writer wrote that he bought vacant land ONLY. He had success contacting owners who were out of the area. MOTIVATION.

Off-Market Real Estate leads are listings of Motivated Sellers. Sellers Motivated by a FORECLOSURE

SO WHY AQUESTOR? We bring all these points together. We offer Foreclosure leads from as soon as the files are created by the clerks, before they get to recording giving our customers a jump on the competition. We list the properties scheduled for the clerks sale with enough time to make an offer and close the deal, stopping the sale.
We list Probates with all the heirs, their relationship and contact information allowing you to contact the people who need your assistance. We exam the files ensuring the estate has tangible property, not just stocks or cash or proceeds from a lawsuit.
Finally, Evictions. Landlords going through the process of evicting someone have already tried to collect rent and failed. These are not happy landlords. Offer them a profitable exit strategy and see just how motivated they are.
Remember the investor who buys land from owners far from their properties? We have a very user friendly application that allows for specific searches, saved case file organizing, mailing and pin point mapping capabilities and up to three different addresses indicating the location of the owner. Find the owners who’s property is no longer geographically desirable, just too far to manage.
Homeowners may be motivated by their situation but without you, they won’t know what all their options are and it becomes a lost opportunity.
aquestor.com helps you help them.
Everyone wins!

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